Behind the Box

I believe that freedom and happiness are not just words and that everybody can reach them with a little help. Because when you think differently, things happen differently.

Mine is the best job there is. I help people to find their wings so they can fly wherever they want. I do this using a tailor-made combination of counselling and coaching.

If you want more from life, if you feel your problems are holding you back, let’s work together. Everything is possible, are you ready to make it happen?

Elia Giménez


Hi! I'm Elia Giménez

I am a pragmatic dreamer. I believe that life can be designed, modified and adjusted until it fits you like a glove. I believe that the word “impossible” only means difficult, out of the ordinary or scary, because 100 small decisions in the same direction can change everything. The world needs the best version of us: focused, kind, energetic, brilliant!

Elia Giménez
Flash Technique

As a Psychologist, I have spent over 20 years researching how to resolve conflicts, improve quality of life and create resilience. I use that knowledge to help others find their wings and craft their desired lifestyle.


I have lived and travelled in different countries, working with people from different walks of life. These experiences allow me to support others in an empathetic, diverse, culturally aware, and person-centred way.


Professional experience

During my career as a psychotherapist, I supported others in overcoming mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, addictions, compulsive behaviours, or emotional imbalances. I have spent years learning cutting-edge techniques and frameworks to facilitate this process, taking the most effective aspects of different psychological theories and combining them in order to create my own style. In order to minimize suffering and maximize efficiency, I specialized in brief therapy and in the treatment and processing of traumatic memories.

After some time, I realized that the techniques that I was using in therapy could be adapted to help others improve their quality of life. Better emotional management, social skills, and decision-making strategies can make anyone jump forward in their career, create healthier relationships or boost their self-confidence. This realization made me turn my focus to Coaching and Positive Psychology.

In 2016, I decided to start my own business, Out of the Box, where I have been using my knowledge and techniques to help people put an end to their suffering, reach their goals, and live happier, healthier, successful, and more fulfilling lives.

Elia Giménez

Training and memberships

Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Masters Degree in General Health Psychology

Deusto University

Masters Degree in Mental Health and Psychological Therapies

Deusto University

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

Barcelona University

EMDR Practitioner

EMDR Europe Association

Strategic Therapy

Mental Research Institute, California

Animal Assisted Therapy

Autonomous University of Madrid

Systemic Therapy and Psychodrama

Deusto University

Traumatic Stress Relief (TSR) Trainer

Global Initiative for Stress and Trauma Treatment (GIST-T)


Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

British Psychological Chartered Logo

Chartered member of the British Psychological Society (BPS)

Generic stamp

Chartered member of the Psychology Illustrious Official College of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain (COP-T)

EMDR UK & Ireland Logo

Member of the EMDR Association UK & Ireland

EMDR Europe Logo

Member of the EMDR European Association

EMDR Spain Logo

Member of the EMDR Association Spain

Hobbies & Interests

When I am not working, I am often on the move. You can find me hiking, enjoying arts and culture, playing any sport that involves chasing a ball, or tasting some regional delicacies anywhere in the world. I am a traveller at heart. Time has not weathered down the little child I once was, and that is why I enjoy games so much, especially if they use chips, boards or cards.

I relax by being in nature, swimming in the sea, reading, and listening to music.



What Our Clients Say

Guided imagery exercise

Guided imagery exercise


Elia is a joy to work with. She’s warm, caring, and kind and doesn’t waste your time. You come to her to fix something and she’ll work with you to fix it in the most efficient way possible. She helped me so much, and I am forever grateful!


You have been the most amazing support system I have had when I have finally decided to face some of my inner demons. You have really helped me work through and make peace with experiences that have haunted me for decades. You have offered the understanding and strength that I needed. I wish you did not leave, though… Thank you for all that you have done for me


I absolutely loved working with Elia. Elia took the time to understand my individual needs and history and helped me in working through my issues in a safe environment. I have experience with other psychotherapists but none have been as good or as easy to talk to as Elia. She is patient and thorough, kind and it is evident that she genuinely cares about each of her patients. I would recommend Elia’s services to anyone in need of counselling, coaching or psychotherapy.


Elia investigated my background thoroughly to get to the cause of my anxiety and then continuously adapted to my needs: some days I just needed reassurance or help with anxiety; others I could do proper work on myself and Elia was there doing the work with me. Progressively, my anxiety started improving as I learned what caused it and how I could manage it. Today, I am a Doctor and I am in a new, happy relationship; more importantly, I am at peace with myself and I have learned to navigate my anxiety… and I greatly owe it to Elia.


When I came to Elia I was at an all time low. I’d had ‘anger issues’ all of my adult life. Looking back I probably had them as a child too. I would get ‘red mist’ and explode and remember very little about it afterwards. It came to a head when I assaulted my partner of, then, 14 years. I knew I needed help and my partner insisted that I see somebody.

I was nervous but Elia soon settled me. She is very friendly and somebody with whom it’s easy to relax and open up.


I visited Elia for a course of EMDR treatment, I noticed a positive difference after the first session and while I knew the course of treatment would be long, I was confident that I was in the right hands and that it would be brought to a successful conclusion.


The names in the testimonials have been altered to respect the privacy of clients. They not only have kindly agreed to share their stories but also write them, for which I am extremely grateful.